I started working part-time during my undergrad as a graphic designer and eventually expanded into web and UX design. Although I have moved my design interests more into HCI research, I still do freelance design jobs from time to time.

Summer 2018

UX Designer, Project Lantern

Project Lantern began as a submission to Mozilla's Off-the-Grid Networks challenge, ultimately winning 2nd place ($250,000). I worked on the design of the submitted prototype.

2015 - 2017

Co Founder, Control Shift

Control Shift is a small creative media studio that provides design services, with a focus on universal design, for non-profit clients featuring a pay-what-you -can program.

Summer 2016

UX Intern, Ready Education

At this startup, I designed interfaces for the student-facing mobile app and the client-facing desktop control panel. I reviewed the usability of existing systems and performed user research.

Examples of my freelance work include Landwise (2016) and Mile End Jewelry (2018), where I did the branding and website for both.